Terms of Use

Welcome to PlayRoom (GamePe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), a platform that facilitates engaging voice calls and interactive gaming experiences between users and creators (hosts). These Terms of Use outline the guidelines and regulations that govern your use of the PlayRoom app (GamePe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). By accessing or using the app, you agree to comply with these terms.
1. Account Creation and Usage:
1.1 Eligibility:
You must be at least 18 years old to use the PlayRoom app (GamePe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). By using the app, you confirm that you meet this age requirement.
1.2 Account Creation:

To use the PlayRoom app, you are required to create an account. You agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account credentials and for all activities that occur under your account.

1.3 User Conduct:
You agree to use the PlayRoom app in a lawful and respectful manner. You will not engage in any form of harassment, bullying, hate speech, or inappropriate behavior while using the app.
2. In-App Purchases and Coins:
2.1 Coins:
PlayRoom utilizes a coin-based system for interactions between users and hosts. Coins can be purchased through in-app purchases and are used to connect with hosts and engage in gaming sessions.
2.2 In-App Purchases:

In-app purchases of coins are processed securely through the app store's payment system. You agree to pay all fees and charges associated with in-app purchases.

3. Privacy and Security:
3.1 Data Collection:
PlayRoom collects and processes personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy. By using the app, you consent to the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy.
3.2 Encryption:

PlayRoom employs advanced encryption technology to ensure the privacy and security of your voice calls and interactions.

4. Prohibited Content and Conduct:
4.1 Explicit Content:
You are prohibited from sharing, promoting, or engaging in explicit, sexual, or sexually suggestive content.
4.2 Illegal Activities:

You will not engage in any activities that violate the Indian Penal Code or any other applicable laws.

4.3 Harassment and Bullying:
Harassment, bullying, hate speech, or any form of inappropriate behavior is strictly prohibited.
5. Reporting and Enforcement:
5.1 Reporting:
If you encounter any violations of the Terms of Use, including inappropriate behavior or content, you can report the user or host.
5.2 Enforcement:

PlayRoom reserves the right to take appropriate action against violators, including suspensions, content removal, or legal measures.

6. Liability and Disclaimers:
6.1 User Responsibility:
You use the PlayRoom app at your own risk and understand that your interactions with hosts are solely your responsibility.
6.2 No Guarantees:

PlayRoom does not guarantee the availability, accuracy, or quality of interactions or gaming experiences.

7. Termination:
7.1 Termination by User:
You may terminate your account at any time by following the app's account deletion process.
7.2 Termination by PlayRoom:

PlayRoom reserves the right to terminate or suspend your account for violations of the Terms of Use.

8. Changes to Terms:
8.1 Updates:
You may terminate your account at any time by following the app's account deletion process.
9. Contact Us:
9.1 Support:
For any questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Use or app usage, please contact our support team at the support section of our app.
By using the PlayRoom app (GamePe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms of Use and agree to abide by them. These terms govern your relationship with PlayRoom (GamePe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) and supersede any prior agreements between you and PlayRoom (GamePe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.).
Note: These Terms of Use are a guideline and do not replace or supersede any legal obligations or requirements as outlined in relevant laws, including the Indian Penal Code.